Performance & Stamina Support for Men

SAYVILEN active ingredient is an extract of saiga antelope antler made according to ancient Tibetan recipe – SAITORIN.

SAYVILEN is dedicated to help prevent erectile dysfunction, also called sexual debility. This problem causes absence of normal erection, absence during sexual activity. It is also recommended, as a comprehensive help for prostatitis and other problems with urogenital system.

SAYVILEN helps expand the blood vessels in the penis during sexual excitement and increases blood circulation of small pelvic. As a result, it increases blood circulation in the penis what promotes normal, healthy erection*.

SAYVILEN should be taken approximately one hour before sexual activity. Take one capsule with small amount of water. SAIVILEN should be taken no more than once a day. SAIVILEN promotes erection only during sexual excitement. In case of sexual excitement absence, supplement will not promote erection. Usually you can expect results within 30 minutes. Results may vary due to different sensitivity of human body and an individual reaction. After a large meal, effect may be delayed later. Duration 10-12 hours. Drinking alcohol can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. To get the maximum benefits from the supplement, it is not recommended to drink a lot of alcohol before taking SAIVILEN. If SAIVILEN doesn’t promote erection or erection does not last long enough for normal sexual activity, please consult your doctor.*

One capsule contains 100 mg of saiga antelope antler extract.

SAYVILEN available only at the Green Pharmacy of Nature, Back To Nature, Inc.,
in Chicago: 3101 N. Milwaukee Ave., Tel. 773-463-5758 5556
W. Belmont Ave., Tel 773-481-0036 5098
S. Archer Ave. Tel. 773-582-8568
and suburbs:
Arlington Heights. 56 S. Arlington Hts. Rd., Town Square Shopping Center, Tel. 847-590-5667

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