Thicker, Fuller, Younger Looking Hair Again!

This 100% natural solutiont indeed works and makes my dream come true

You have probably not heard about synergy of 3 ingredients, found in nature, that restore people’s confidence and looks when it comes to their hair! We know that hair is LIFE. Therefore we are happy seeing that your search for an answer to your dreadful hair loss finally came to an end. You have found the real solution to your hair loss.

Liquid SILOR + B + J and just a few months is all you need… It makes hair look thicker and fuller for men and women

Now you’re going to start to regain your look completely naturally and not stick it to hair loss drugs, shampoos, creams, expensive surgeries, and useless remedies FOREVER and you will not hide from friends and coworkers who enjoy long, flowing hair that gives them all the enthusiasm and confidence in the world…

You will finally see something you never noticed before…signs of NEW hair!

Just imagine how big you’ll smile when you notice more hair that looks and feels thicker and fuller.This incredible life change will restores your confidence and self-image and you will feel younger, more attractive, more like the YOU that you used to be. This change can improve just about every facet of your life, your energy and productivity, your career and your income, your relationships with your significant other, as well as with your friends and family. Ultimately you’ll rediscover your thirst for life, recapture your happiness and joy for living…
new Hair

And all of this is possible because of 3 all-natural ingredients combined to create what may be a powerful combination that’s proven to give a crushing blow to hair loss…Want a better relationship, simply invest more time and effort and you’re there! And feel so much younger and more attractive, as well as being more confident and happy. Be in full control of your hair loss and start noticing thicker and fuller hair in just a few months or less… Turn back the hands of time

3 all-natural and powerful ingredients proved to fight hair loss in 85% of people who tried them…

They helped thousands of people not only LOOK better but also FEEL better about themselves after they found SILOR + B + J, a 100% natural and safe product that could naturally re-awaken hair follicles.
Both men and women suffering from hair loss can have 100% confidence in our safe, effective and powerful solution without needing to go to a doctor, forking over thousands for remedies with dangerous side effects or enduring risky and expensive surgery. Just in a few weeks, you too may notice real results.

  The testimonials speak

Keegan H, 28 – OH
“Having SILOR + B + J, a solution that finally works is a dream come true. I never thought I’d be able to get rid of that annoying hat!”

Marek M, 45 – Chicago
“Not long after my 40th birthday, I noticed my hair thinning and then falling out quite drastically. I saw more and more hair in the drain every day. You should see my hair now.”

Iwona G. 44 – Wheeling, IL
“To say my life is different now, is a huge understatement. I am different now, and everybody can see the difference on my head. I’m just so relieved that I gave this a chance.”

Marian, 55  – FL
I was almost completely bald, but after a couple months, I had enough hair to actually get haircuts!

Amy K. 47 – Chicago, IL
At just 47 my hair had been thinning so much that my close friend asked me if I was sick. She advised me to buy SILOR + B + J at the Back To Nature green pharmacy store in Chicago. Today I brush and styles my new hair and feel like a beautiful and healthy 35 year old!

as you can see, the results are proven…

…and it’s all thanks to these 3 natural ingredients that combine to practically reverse hair loss so you can experience fuller and thicker hair once again! No other ingredients are as effective at bringing life back to your hair than these 3 natural, powerful building block ingredients in this breakthrough formula. These 3 super ingredients are combine to give your hair follicle cells the building blocks they need for maximum appearance. However, please remember that it’s not just the ingredients, but the precise dosage that creates the desired results…

Dietary Supplement With SILICA, BORON AND JODINE

All in the perfect amounts that deliver the safest and most effective results no matter how much hair you’ve lost…
Yes, even if you’re completely bald!
We strongly believe that SILOR + B + J formula is the most advanced hair loss solution on the market today.

Simply take 1 measuring cup (included) daily of our supplement and you’re done!

And once SILOR + B + J  enters your body, that’s when the 3 powerful ingredients start working their magic…

First by helping stop hair loss dead in its tracks…

And secondly by stimulating the stem cells of your hair follicles to help bring back thicker and fuller hair

Remember, these precise, powerful and natural ingredients are hard to come by, so when we sell out (and we WILL sell out), we may be backlogged for some time. The only way to guarantee your order will go through is by taking action right now. (You must take action to see results).

Looking and feeling great is important. Hair will bring back that confidence, enthusiasm and smile that you thought was gone forever…

For only $59.99 today.

Think about it.

Aren’t YOU worth that tiny investment? The overwhelming majority of our users see thicker and fuller hair within weeks. That could be YOU in just a few weeks. Younger, more attractive, like you looked 10 or even 15 years ago!

Isn’t NOW the time you finally restore your good looks, restore your confidence and restore your enjoyment and happiness in life?

So order today, you have nothing to lose but your self-consciousness about your hair loss!

Thicker and fuller hair that makes you feel younger and more alive. Do somethingabout your hair loss or thinning hair…


Silica is a trace mineral… and while your body needs only a tiny amount, the results it delivers are enormous. As people age, they continue to lose collagen… the more collagen they lose, the more hair they lose… Thankfully an increase in silica leads to an increase in collagen… therefore not only sticking a fork inside hair loss, but also promoting the revitalization of hair follicles.


A vital trace mineral required for normal hair growth and health, Boron improves the uptake of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Research shows that including boron-rich foods in your diet is important for wellness, since low boron intake may negatively impact brain function, bone health, and the immune system.


Iodine, an essential mineral, may affect hair health and hair growth and strength through its effects on thyroid function. Iodine is also sometimes prescribed as a topical treatment for certain conditions that cause hair loss on the scalp. To help prevent thyroid problems that may cause hair problems, it’s important to get sufficient dietary iodine. Per the recommended daily allowances for iodine, adults need 100 mcg to 200 mcg of dietary iodine daily.




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